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Hoop Grip Tape - .25" x 9yd Roll

Hoop Grip Tape - .25" x 9yd Roll

Item # 75-214
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Hoop Grip Tape - .25" x 9yd Roll
$ 11.99 New Available online
Features & Specifications

•One of the most valuable tools you will own to keep your fabric from slipping while using your embroidery hoop
•Sticky side of the tape is placed against the outside of the smaller embroidery hoop; the other side of the tape has a rubberized finish and creates just the right amount of grip for even slippery fabrics

More details:
◦1/4" wide x 9 yards (white adhesive tape)
◦Remove yellow protective backing to expose adhesive
◦Other uses for Hoop Grip:
◦On rulers to keep them from moving while cutting fabric
◦On the bottom of your sewing machine foot
◦On the bottom of your extension table to keep in place

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