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Shipping Policy

Where do you ship from?
Most items ship from one of our warehouses in Saint Louis, MO.  However, we pull from warehouses all over the country and sometimes you may get an order in multiple shipments.  Sometimes the entire order will ship from the vendor.  We strive to get your order out as fast as we can and processing times are always listed at the top of the shopping cart.

Items With A "FREE Sew 'N Saver" Promotion

FREE Sew 'N Saver Shipping!

FREE Sew 'N Saver Shipping!

So what the heck is Sew 'N Saver Shipping?  Don't worry - we get this all of the time.  With the ever-rising cost of fuel (and transportation in general), we have atttempted to provide the lowest possible shipping cost to you - free!  When you order an item with the Sew 'N Saver promotion, that item will ship with no shipping costs - provided that you live in one of the 50 United States of America.  PLEASE NOTE:  Some large items and special offers will require an oversize shipping surcharge.  This is unavoidable - sorry!!  In addition to that, some items are ineligible for free shipping.  Please check item specifications for more information.

Did you hear that Alaska & Hawaii?  This means you guys, too!  (Except on super huge things like Cabinets.  If you order one of those, we'll probably need to call you.)  Most of the time your order will ship via USPS or FedEx Ground, whichever is the most cost effective.  Either way, when your order ships you will be emailed a tracking number or delivery confirmation number, whichever is applicable.

Cool, huh?  
It does not, however, mean that your entire order ships freight free.  Unless of course your whole order is made up of all Sew 'N Saver items - then we will rejoice a bit and scurry to start preparing your order for shipment.

Shipping Information
Shipping costs money.  It's a necessary evil and so far it's the only way that we have found to successfully get your order to you.  We know, it puts a bummer on ordering, but with gas prices climbing (not to mention the time that it saves you) you really about break even in convenience when you order online. 

Sometimes we will pay it for you (sign up for our newsletter to find out about our promotions) and sometimes you will pay have to pay for it.  So here's the dirty little secret - shipping is almost always the worst when you order one item.  We know it sounds like a ploy to get you to order more (did it work?)  But seriously, just for fun, place an item in your shopping cart.  Plug in your zip code and recalculate so it will tell you how much the shipping is.  Now put something else in your cart.  Unless you picked the heaviest thing on our site, it shouldn't really go up much. 


Expedited Shipping Methods
Why do we only offer Ground and Priority shipping options?

Actually, we do offer several different shipping options, just not on the website.  If you require expedited guaranteed shipping, please phone in your order.  In our experience, this saves a lot of pain and eliminates problems before they happen.  We know some orders are more time-sensitive then others and would prefer to make sure that we can completely satisify your needs.  We strive to keep most of the items on our site in stock, but in the off chance we do not have the item, it wouldn't seem right to pay for next day shipping.  We'd rather you save the money on shipping and buy more stuff.

If you order an item with a shipping method other than Ground service, we will happily ship it out with that service for you.  However, please understand that choosing an expedited shipping method does not necessarily mean your order will be in your hands tomorrow. While most orders do ship on the same day, depending on when your order is received (and what you order), some will be shipped on the following day, some take several days.  The only time we can guarantee delivery is with an order placed over the phone, so just call us if your desperate, ok? 

International Shipping
So you don't live in the USA, huh?  But you like our stuff?  Go ahead and order - we love our international customers and ship hundreds of packages abroad every week.  Please understand - we have absolutely no control over Tarifs, Taxes, Import Duties, etc. etc.  We will be happy to ship to you, HOWEVER, you are responsible for any additional fees that may be assessed when you receive your order.  You must pay these to get your order.  IF you refuse your shipment, SHIPPING FEES ARE NOT REFUNDABLE and International orders are non-refundable, and as such, all International orders are final (i.e. - all sales are final).  Please keep this in mind when ordering.

We make every effort to ensure that the items are in stock when you order them (or if shipped from an outside warehouse, that the items are available for shipping.)  However, peak demand for some products can cause backorders.  If this is the case we will ship any backorders to you at a later date at no additional shipping to you.  Sound fair?


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