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New to RSS?
RSS feeds enable you to get the latest updates from faster and easier - you don't even have to be on the site!  If you are already using an RSS feeder, then you can easily incorporate whichever feed interests you.

RSS stands for Really Simple Sydication, and this allows us to publish our updates, new products, reviews and email promotions in a way that can be used by anyone who is interested in staying up-to-date.

Sound confusing?  It's not.  For example, say you would really like to stay on top of new product arrivals.  You could subscribe to the New Arrivals feed.  Anytime a new item is added to the site, it is added to the feed and will show up whenever YOU view the feed.

Our different RSS feeds are listed below, and the way that you can subscribe to these feeds depends on the RSS reader that you are using.

Our RSS Feeds About Us 
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Reading & Using RSS Feeds
So how can I use these things?  You will need a way to view these feeds - but you may have the capability already built-in to your browser.  If you use a web portal (such as Yahoo) this functionality may also be available to you. 

Here is a list of ways to get the most out of RSS feeds.  Keep in mind - we have no affiliation with any of these websites or products.  If you run into issues with them, you must seek out technical support from the service that you have chosen.  All feeds are subject to change, and we are not responsible for the opinions given in product reviews.

RSS-Enabled Browsers
Personal Web Pages
Windows RSS Readers
Mac RSS Readers
Linux RSS Readers
Outlook RSS Readers
Subscribing To RSS Feeds
This page lists all of the current RSS Feeds.  If new feeds are created, they will be shown here.  You can subscribe or unsubscribe at any time.
For RSS-Enabled Browsers
As a general rule, if your browser is RSS capable, you can click on the RSS link that interests you and it will take you to the feed.  From there you should be able to subscribe to it with what is called a "Live Bookmark" or "Favorite".  Alternately, you could also copy and paste the feed's link into your RSS reader or RSS-enable home page.
Using a Non-Enabled Browser
Most browsers that were created prior to 2007 will not be able to correctly process the RSS feed.  In this situation you will need to copy the RSS link and paste it into a RSS reader.
Please Note:  The way that you subscribe to the feeds may vary depending on the browser or reader that you have chosen to use.  These directions may not apply to every situation and we recommend consulting with the chosen method's documentation to correctly take advantage of the full capabilities of RSS feeds. is not responsible for the information in these feeds.  While every effort is made to ensure accuracy, typographical errors may occur.  We reserve the right to correct any errors that may occur.  We do not collect your personal information and these feeds are provided on an As-Is basis.  If you choose to use a third party RSS service, these companies may ask you for your information.  Always be careful as to who you share your personal information with and make sure to check their privacy policy.