505 Temporary Adhesive Spray - 12.4oz Can - ODIF USA

505 Temporary Adhesive Spray - 12.4oz Can - ODIF USA

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505 Temporary Adhesive Spray - 12.4oz Can - ODIF USA
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Features & Specifications



Description: A temporary adhesive excellent for use in embroidery because there will be no needle gum-up. Use for appliqué, adhering backing to garments, and positioning difficult-to-hoop items.  

  • Does not gum up sewing needles
  • No mist
  • Avoids extra stiffness from fusible interfacing.
  • Eliminates sticky hands.
  • Odorless and colorless.
  • Will not make the quilt top sticky if applied to back of pattern.
  • Won't spot fabric or foundation material.
  • Baste quilt layers quickly and easily.
  • Cleans up with soap and water.
  • Fabric can be dry-cleaned.
  • Outstanding for machine applique, quilting, and embroidery.
  • Can be used to baste quilt layers in preparation for quilting.
  • Excellent when used with tear-away continuous machine quilting patterns.
  • Holds the stabilizing interface in place for machine embroidery.
  • Does not spot fabric or transfer onto the foundation material.
  • Acid-free.
  • Environmentally friendly - contains no fluorocarbons.



Frequently Asked Questions:

QUESTION:  Does 505 have an offensive odor?  
ANSWER:  No, 505 is odorless.

QUESTION: Is 505 repositionable? 
ANSWER:  Yes, quilt layers and applique lift easily leaving no residue behind. You can reposition several times for the first 15-20 minutes. After that you would have to reapply spray.

QUESTION: How do I use 505 for basting quilt layers?
ANSWER:  Simply spray a very light coating on one side of the batting. Position the quilt  top onto batting.You may want to do this in a few sections if  you are working on a large project. It is very easy to reposition. Turn over and repeat the procedure for the backing. You can baste a quilt in about 10 minutes. See 505 How To instructions.

QUESTION: How do I use 505 for applique?
ANSWER:  For raw edge applique: Spray a little on the back of the applique piece and position  in place. Use a satin stitch or decorative stitch to cover the  raw edge. For finished edge applique: Cut out paper pattern without seam allowance. Spray wrong side of pattern with 505 and stick  to wrong side of fabric. Cut out applique from fabric with 1/4″ seam allowance. Place applique with paper side up and spray 505  covering to edges. Fold and stick seam allowance onto paper.  You can now stick applique on the background fabric and stitch.  Cut out paper from back.

QUESTION: Does 505 make layers difficult to needle?
ANSWER:  No, you don’t notice that it is there. There is no drag on the needle when hand or machine sewing.


QUESTION:  Will 505 gum up needles or scissors?
ANSWER:  No. 505 was developed for use in the commercial embroidery industry and it is essential that 505 not gum up needles or scissors.

QUESTION:  How long will the bond last?
ANSWER:  About 2 months for polyester and about 4 months for natural/blends. Sew in place during that time. The bond will release when washed.

QUESTION:  Does the adhesive transfer onto the other fabric?
ANSWER:  No, Just spray and wait a minute to set. As with our other adhesives, 505 stays on the surface that you have sprayed.

QUESTION:  Is 505 acid free?
ANSWER:  Yes, it will not harm or discolor fabric.

QUESTION:  Will 505 harm the environment?
ANSWER:  The adhesive itself is non-toxic. Our products meet or exceed all state and federal clean air regulations and contain no CFCs to affect ozone.

QUESTION:  Is cleanup easy?
ANSWER:  Yes, cleanup with soap and water. If you have sprayed too much, try Murphy’s Oil Soap and a scrub sponge.


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Customer Reviews
 Best thing since slices bread!
By Julie from Senoia, Georgia
505 Temporary Spray makes sewing SO much easier. Don't mess with annoying pins! This product is perfect to hold ribbon in place while you're sewing. Make a mistake and put it in the wrong spot? Pull it off and try again!

 If you do Applique Embroidery this product is for you!!!!
By Mary from Lima, Ohio
505 is the best temporary spray I have ever used. It has NO smell!! Most adhesive sprays will knock you over from the fumes. Not this one, its Great!! I will never use another temporary spray for my applique embroidery. Great Product!!! I'm a very happy shopper, Mary from Lima Ohio

 exceptional value
By Margaret from Sedalia, Missouri
This is the 17+ oz. size can which I buy locally for more than $20. Only diff. it comes from France instead of England and is a red can.

 Great product and great service from Sewforless
By Rebecca from Greenwood, Louisiana
I love this spray and use it with my embroidery. It holds the fabric in place with no slips so the embroidery is perfect everytime. Alos love how fast and perfect the folks at Sewforless are when odering from them. I will always go here first.

 Great price on 505 large cans
By Coleena from Sharpsville, Pennsylvania
I've paid a lot more for 505 and was so happy to find it at the sewforless price.

 Wonderful Spray
By Rachel from Saint Charles, Missouri
This spray is strong, but also allows you to separate the fabric from the stabilizer easily. It makes embroidering my quilt squares so easy. I love it.

 Don't know what I did without it!!!!!!!!
By Bonnie from Burna, Kentucky
Had never used this before but it is wonderful no more fighting what I am working on stays right were I need it and if I need to move it, it's a breeze and the customer service at SewforLess is great

 Love This Product--Love The Price--Love The Service
By Barbara from Temple, Georgia
By Barbara from Temple, Georgia This 505 spray works exactly as described, it is a must for sewing and embroidery. This is the best price anywhere, I was so happy with the price, I ordered 4 cans. The service is wonderful,I received my order very fast. I highly recommend this product, and Sewforless.

 Was skeptical at first.....
By Leslie from Graham, Washington
This was my first time purchasing from sewforless.com, and I was pretty skeptical at the price of this 505 spray. I normally adhere to the belief that you get what you pay for, and if it's significantly cheaper than anywhere else, there's usually a reason. I did, however, choose to go ahead with my purchase, and I'm so very glad I did. This is the exact same stuff that comes in the orange and blue cans that I buy locally, only this one is in a red can, is made in France instead of the UK, and is cheaper. I'll definitely be coming back here to buy my 505 from now on.

By shevawn from Culbertson, Nebraska
This is great for embroidery and for "quilt sandwiching".Just spray batting and place backing fabric then spray top of batting and place top fabric. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO easy. No fighting fabric and no wrinkles. Wish I had tried this 20 yrs. ago when I started embroidery and quilting. I'm sold on this product and will use it from now on.

By Barbara from Chicago, Illinois
I've used this product for a number of applications and it works as well as the "other" adhesive for almost 1'2 the price. I'm sold!

 17 oz 505 spray
By Mary A from Auburn, New York
I will never embroidery without this! Everythings comes out so much better. No slipping. Use with batting, without batting, doing applique is a breeze. I used other brands and this is the best! Enjoy! Mary from Central NY

 17 oz. 505 spray
By joanne from Newburgh, Indiana
I have used this product for the last 5 years and could not embroider without it. Great buy!!!

  505 Temporary Adhesive Spray - Large 17 oz. Can
By Karen from Mountain Home, Arkansas
I have used this product and it works great. And a great price also. And will buy again. Great Deal!!!

 Great adhesive
By Coleena from Sharpsville, Pennsylvania
505 is a great adhesive for use with hooping fabric for embroidery.

 505 Adhesive
By Maire from Murrysville, Pennsylvania
Love it!!!!

 Fantastic product at a phenomenal price
By Linda from Hana, Hawaii
This is an absolute must for embroidering towels, sweatshirts, any item with a nap. Easy to readjust positioning and doesn't gunk up the needle or your machine either!! If you notice a build-up on your hoops, simply wash it away with Williams' Lectric Shave. Couldn't be easier!!

 505 Adhesive
By Debbie from Selmer, Tennessee
I love this spray adhesive, always use it. I like that I can buy it here for less than I can in my local store. It's doesn't gum up your needle like other sprays and sticky back stabilizer does.

 Great Product
By Karen
Love this product. The larges cans are a much better value too.

 505 adhesive
By Regina from Hattisburg, Mississippi
I just ordered two cans of 505 the price is GREAT. What a better value than what is in Hattiesburg's stores. Regina Hattiesburg MS

 505 spray
By Lani
I ordered the spray today and got an e-mail that has all ready benn shipped. They are fast and I will love the big can to.. And did not find it cheaper no where else/.. Lani

 505 Spray
By Susan from Sacramento, California
This adhesive spray is terrific - and to get it on sale was a huge plus for me. I bought two cans!

 temporary adhesive
By Nancy from Jasper, Florida
Terrific product. Does not gum up my machine, items are easily repositioned, great price and customer service.

 505 Adhesive Spray
By Mickie from Statesboro, Georgia
Best adhesive spray I've ever used. A little goes a long way, and it's practically odorless. A great product!

 505 spray
By Shelley from Durham,
I love 505 spray. Recently all of my local stores stopped carrying 505 and sold me several different products that they promised would be just as good. I returned every can and bought this big bottle of 505 for less than I was paying for the small bottle locally. I will continue to order here to make sure I don't run out again.

By Sherry from Middletown, Delaware
By Sherry This is the best adhesive spray everything stays in place. Ships quickly and is reasonable priced.

 What a great product
By Karen from Silver Springs, Florida
This product has a lot more uses than just for embroidery. I am finding myself grabbing the can for sewing and crafting projects. It is a great product. Makes me feel like I have a couple more hands! 8-)

 505 Spray
By Pam from Arrington , Tennessee
Since I discovered 505 spray I don't hoop anything that I embroider or applique. Just spray a little onto your hooped stabilizer and then lay the item to be embroidered onto of the stabilizer. 505 is strong enough to hold your project in place on the hoop and doesn't gum up your needle. Sewforless has the price for 505 spray on the internet. I always purchase at least 3 at a time.

 505 Spray
By Regina from Florissant, Missouri
I was extremely excited to get the 505 spray the next day after I ordered it. I was completely out and just clicked on the internet, looked up 505 and sewforless came up. I went onto the site and ordered. I won't be ordering from anyplace else as not only was the delivery quick but the price was exceptionally right as well.

 505 Spray
By Annette
This is the first time I have purchased 505 Spray and would like to tell you that it works great. I like that it does not gum up the needle and that it does not leave your hands sticky. I will definitely purchase this product again. The price is great also. Thanks. Annette

By Carol from Rincon, Georgia
This is the best product. I use it when I create quilts, do appliques, and have item that are too difficult to hoop. It is a great price as the small cans in my area cost more than this. It does not gum up the needle. I keep an extra can in stock so that I don't run out.

 505 Spray adhesive
By Tammy from Irmo, South Carolina
I recently bought your 505 spray. I couldn't believe I got so much for my money. The can is very large. I am very satisfied with your product. It isn't gummy at all and the amount of tackyness is just right for all my machine embroidery projects. I will definitely be ordering this product again. Also your shipping time was unbelieveably fast. And great prices to boot...I am definitely your customer now...Thank you for a great product with a great price and great shipping.

 LOVE 505!!
By Jessica from Jasper,
I won't use any other spray adhesive. It's simply the best...and the price was HALF of my local sewing store! Super fast shipping and great communication - will definitely order again and have already been referring others to this site!!

 505 Spray Adhesive
By Philip from Souderton, Pennsylvania
Good product. Been using for a will. Can are a large size but I still go through it fairly quickly. It works as stated! I would buy over & over again!

 505 spray adhesive
By Sharon
How can one thing make your quilting so much easier and enjoyable? I have recommended this product so many times. I don't plan to be without it as long as I keep quilting. It makes free motion quilting a breeze compared to all the other methods for holding the quilt sandwich together! No smell and easy clean-up too!

 505 spray
By Mary Ellen
This is great stuff. Great price too and very fast shipping. I will order from here from now on.

 505 spray adhesive
By Adelyn
I find this to be the best spray adhesive. It makes quilting, applique & machine embroidery easier. A good product at a good price and shipped quickly. I will continue to order from Sewforless.

 I use this spray every day and this is a great deal!
By Sheryl from Kearney, Nebraska
I ordered 2 cans and couldn't believe the price. I just ordered a case. I couldn't be without this spray. I have tried others, this is the best!

 Great stuff! Liz from tucson
By Elizabeth from Marana, Arizona
I use this spray for my machine embroidering. I no longer hoop anything other than the stabilizer. The spray holds whatever I am embroidering tight and no more fabric burns from hooped items. I wouldn't know what to do without it.

 505 Temporary Spray - Great Product/Great Price
By Dora from Bridgeport, West Virginia
I ordered a case of 505 stray because of the size of the can and the price. The little can just doesn't last because I use this spray for embroidery, quilting, applique, and my childrens art project. My daughter has asthma and this spray doesn't effect her like other sprays do. Great price for a great product. Thank You. By Dora from Bridgeport, West Virginia

 Excellent Value - Excellent Product
By Janice from Ontario, California
This is the only spray adhesive I will use. I do a lot of applique work and quilting. Easy to rearrange pieces but strong enough to hold in place. No odor and needles don't get sticky. Excellent value and the folks at Sewforless process and ship promply. Thank you, Sewforless!

 Love it!
By Debbie from Monroe, Louisiana
This is a great product at a great price! I won't buy it anywhere else.

 Went Where Embroidery Never Went Before!!
By Sylvia from North Manchester, Indiana
I have been able to do jobs that were so difficult because they were either in small places or the fabric was difficult to hoop. I had to discover this myself, even though I had a couple of people helping me when I first started embroidery. I have now passed this "blessing in a can" on to them!

 505 Adhesive Spray
By Linda from Waterford, Michigan
I love this product. Wish I had found it sooner. It saves me so much time putting my quilts together!

 Helen from Hays, Ks
By Helen from Hays, Kansas
Can't sew without this product...not only is it the only thing to use with embroidery, I can't quilt without it..sure saves pinning my quilts.Others do not work like this and my needle doesn't gum up...Thank you for such a great price.

 By Melissa from Texas
By Melissa
I love shopping at Sew For Less !! .. the price on the 505 spray was a great price and the shipping is super fast .. have recommended this site to all my embroidery friends ...Thank You for such great service ..

 Great product, Amazing price!
By Linda from New Albany, Indiana
Sew For Less is a great business. This product is terrific. The price cannot be beat. Would not buy this from anyone else!

 Love this product!
By jayme
Best product at the best price. A must for machine embroidery & applique!

 Great Value
By Angela from Charleston, South Carolina
Great value, but nothing was in english on my can. This seemed odd to me. But again this is a GREAT buy, and it does the job.

By Beverly from Plano, Texas
This is the best, I love it for embroidery, but it's also grreat for quilting.

 love it
By Linda from New Albany, Indiana
This is a great product for a low price. One can lasts for so many projects. I never hoop anything using this stuff because it sticks so well. But it comes off easily when I am removing the stabilizer from my project. Sew for Less is my favorite web store!

 It is the ONLY spray adhesive I use!
By Ruthe from Fremont, Nebraska
If you haven't tried it yet, don't wait or waste another minute. I refuse to buy any other brand. It doesn't gum up on the needle and it doesn't take much to do the job. I sue it for everything from machine embroidery to spray basting quilts. I would give it more than 5 stars if I could

 best way to baste!
By nancy from natick, Massachusetts
love this product. I use it to baste my quilt layers. No odor, easy to use and it keeps the layers together so I can machine quilt without problems

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