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Wide Brim Floppy Hats

Wide Brim Floppy Hats

You'll be the talk of the town this summer with these super stylish wide brim floppy hats embroidery blanks!  Personalize them and you will be even more chic - at the beach, at the horse races, on the town - anywhere!

Wide brim hats are so fun - but we have had some inquiries on how to re-shape after they've been stored (or even after shipping).

1.   Using a spray bottle filled with water, spray a small amount onto the OUTER portion of the hat to dampen.  Make sure not to soak it!
2.  Remember how people used to iron?  Brush off the dust of your trusty steam iron and fill 'er up with water.  Set it to a low or medium heat setting.
3.  Using the tip of the iron, lightly glide back and forth INSIDE the hat on your ironing board.  If the brim needs some freshening up, repeat these steps on the INSIDE (underside really) as the hat begins to reshape.
4.  Steam it!  Press the steam button and pass back and forth with the iron about 5-6 inches ABOVE the fabric surface.  This helps to remove those unruly creases from rolling or packing the hat.  Alternate steps 3 and 4 until smooth.
5.  Air it out!  Place the hat on a display head (What?  You don't have a display head?  Use a rolled up soft terry towel inserted into the center instead.)  Keep it out of the direct sunlight while it's drying to avoid any discoloration.

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Showing All 6 Items

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