Floriani - 8.5" x 11" Sticky Printable Template Paper - 25 Sheet Pack

Floriani - 8.5" x 11" Sticky Printable Template Paper - 25 Sheet Pack

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Floriani - 8.5" x 11" Sticky Printable Template Paper - 25 Sheet Pack
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Features & Specifications

Floriani Template Tearaway Design Placement Paper

Embroidery enthusiasts know the importance of accurate design placement for achieving professional-looking results. Whether it's aligning designs within bordered areas or handling multi-hoop projects, precise positioning can be a time-consuming and challenging task. Fortunately, Floriani Template Tearaway is here to revolutionize your hooping experience. These ready-to-print 8.5" x 11" sheets provide a visual guide to simplify design placement. With Template Tearaway, you can say goodbye to frustration and hello to accuracy, making your embroidery projects a breeze.

Visual Guidance for Accurate Placement:
Floriani Template Tearaway is designed to provide you with a visual guide for precisely placing your embroidery designs. This innovative product is compatible with most inkjet printers and copiers, allowing you to print out templates directly from your favorite embroidery software. By printing a template of your design on Template Tearaway, you gain a clear view of the design's placement, making it easier to achieve accuracy and alignment.

Versatile and Reusable:
One of the key advantages of Template Tearaway is its versatility. This product can be used multiple times, giving you the confidence to tackle multi-hoop embroidery projects or place designs in confined areas with ease. Whether you're working on borders or large-scale designs, Template Tearaway ensures that your embroidery aligns perfectly, without any guesswork.

Step-by-Step Directions for Ease of Use:
Using Floriani Template Tearaway is a straightforward process. Here are the simple steps to follow:

  1. Load a sheet of Template Tearaway into your inkjet printer's paper tray.
  2. Print the design template from your embroidery software, adjusting the settings to include key visual elements. This typically includes a light print of the actual design, crosshairs running through the center of the design for alignment, and a line outlining the outermost stitching points.
  3. Trim the Template Tearaway if desired to match the outer perimeter of the printed design. If the design lacks a clear orientation, use a pen to mark the appropriate direction.
  4. Peel back the release paper to expose the sticky surface of the Template Tearaway.
  5. Carefully stick the Template Tearaway to the fabric surface in the desired position, allowing for easy repositioning if necessary. Apply light pressure, as excessive force is unnecessary and may complicate removal or readjustment.
  6. Hoop the item, aiming to align the crosshairs of the template with the centering marks on the inner hoop as closely as possible. For added stability, consider placing a small piece of Wonder Tape on the underside of the inner hoop to hold it securely to the garment.
  7. Once the item is hooped, place the embroidery frame on the machine and use the machine's centering feature to position the hoop, ensuring that the needle drops into the printed center crosshairs of the template.
  8. Remove the template and store it by re-adhering it to the shiny side of the release paper for future use.
  9. Finally, it's time to embroider with confidence and precision!

Conclusion: Floriani Template Tearaway is the ultimate solution for simplifying design placement in your embroidery projects. With its ready-to-print sheets and visual guidance, you can bid farewell to time-consuming guesswork and hello to accurate alignment. By following the user-friendly directions, you'll achieve professional results with ease, whether you're working on bordered designs or multi-hoop projects. Take your embroidery to the next level of precision and efficiency with Floriani Template Tearaway, where accuracy becomes effortless.

Click Here for Template Tearaway tutorial with pictures

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