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Embellish Foolproof Repositionable Webbing - 20" x 5yd Roll

NewEmbellish Foolproof Repositionable Webbing - 20" x 5yd Roll

Item # EFRW205
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Embellish Foolproof Repositionable Webbing - 20" x 5yd Roll
$ 39.99 New Available online
Features & Specifications

Embellish® Foolproof Repositionable Webbing is a permanent fusible, webbing with a light, tacky coating on one side that allows for repositioning of the fabric before fusing with an iron. This product is used when creating appliqué designs for sewing, machine embroidery, and digital cutting. The webbing is machine washable, dry cleanable and leaves a soft, flexible hand to your fabric without adding bulk. The light, tacky coating is needlefriendly, and the paper backing adheres to all digital cutting mats. This exclusive product is perfect for nonsewing projects because the fusible creates a permanent bond with the material. Use it on anything that can take the heat of an iron. Make quick projects such as: no-sew appliqué baby onesies or iron shapes to paper bags or cardstock for fun party favors.


Made in America. Constructed of soft, woven fibers with a pressure-sensitive, needle-friendly adhesive on one side and a permanent fusible coating on the opposite side.

To Use:

  1. Pre-heat the fabric using a medium/high temp (Wool Setting, No Steam) to prep the fabric and remove moisture. It is also recommended to pre-wash the fabric (no softener or dryer sheets) being used as an appliqué to remove any sizing. This will ensure a good bond.
  2. Fuse the webbing to the wrong side of the fabric using a medium/high temp (Wool Setting, No Steam) on your iron. The fusible side of Embellish® Foolproof Repositionable Webbing is the soft/shiny side. Hold the iron in place for 10 seconds, let the fabric cool and then flip the piece over and press again on the fabric side for another 10 seconds. Make sure you have a good bond. If not, repeat the fusing process for 5 seconds on each side instead of 10 seconds. Let the fabric cool before using.

    Important – All irons heat differently. The iron temperature given is a starting point. If you find that you are not getting a good fuse, slowly increase your iron’s temperature until you achieve a good bond between the fabric and the webbing. Using too high a temp can cause the permanent bond to activate prematurely before it adheres the fabric.

  3. Cut with scissors, a fabric die or a digital cutter (place the paper side down on the digital cutting mat).
  4. Draw an “X” on the release paper backing, using the Embellish® Vinyl Weeding Tool. This will perforate the paper so it can easily be torn away, exposing the sticky surface.
  5. Position the appliqué piece on the garment and fuse with the iron, using a medium/high temp (Wool Setting, No Steam). Hold the iron over the fabric for 10 seconds. Let the material cool.
  6. Finish by stitching around the appliqué with a satin stitch, decorative stitch or in-the-hoop.

Laundering and Care:

Launder and dry the item according to the fabric material fiber content.


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