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Bendable Bright Light For Embroidery Machines and Sewing Machines

Bendable Bright Light For Embroidery Machines and Sewing Machines

Item # 7992A
$4995 $3499 
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Bendable Bright Light For Embroidery Machines and Sewing Machines
$ 34.99 New Available online
Features & Specifications

For detailed projects
Flexible neck enables you to shine white light where you need it the most—perfect for working on dark fabrics, in workshops, and craft areas. Plug in light features an energy efficient LED light and on/off switch. Attaches to the side of machine with an nonmagnetic adhesive bracket. Purchase an extra bracket to mount to your serger.  Eight foot power cord and clips to hold the wire in place. 120 volt.  50 Lumen.  90 Day Warranty.

Limited Supply! 

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Customer Reviews
 Bendable Bright Light
By Margaret from Casselberry, Florida
This is a marvelous gadget that really works for mature eyes. It is easy to position to direct light and simple to move. Can be removed easily and by ordering an extra base, can be moved from one machine to another. Only drawback I can see(LOL) is that the bulb cannot be replaced. I think it has a very large amount of time though, on the bulb. Margaret

 Bendable Bright Light
By Bonita from Newbury, Massachusetts
This is a great little addition to my Mega Quilting machine. I've been spoiled with the LCD lights thats on my DSE and needed something that would really help me see where I'm going when doing Free Motion sewing on my quilts. So this little light certainly does the job very well. The service was very fast and installing this light has been easy. Although it's impossible to replace the bulb that comes in this light, I've been told that these bulbs last a very long time. All and all I'm thrilled with my purchase and would highly recommend it to anyone who is searching for a better light source. Bonnie B.

 Bendable Bright Light
By Catherine from Essex, Maryland
I would never have purchased this product had it not been for a discussion about it on a Quilting Yahoo Group. Noe I don't know how I ever saw without it. Not only does it do a GREAT job illuminating what you are sewing, but it is simple to just rotate the light around in the event that you need to remove a few stitches. I just love it.

 Great little light!
By Annette from Woodbridge, Virginia
I bought this to put on my blindstitcher as there is no light on the machine. I also bought some other attachers so I can use them on other machines. Works great!

 Bendable Bright Light
By Anne B from Wrentham, Massachusetts
I too heard about this product on a Yahoo group and knew I had to have one. It was super easy to install and works great! It's adjustable for any angle and can be put out of the way if needed. I recommend it for anyone needing more light.

 Bendable Bright Light
By Suzanne from Bridgeport, Michigan
I love this light - it makes such a difference being able to see the stitching. I like it so much that I ordered another one rather than having to switch it from one machine to another. Well worth the money!

 Didn't last very long
By Deanna from Sun City, California
It was great while it lasted. I had the Bendable Bright Light for 17 months & it no longer works. 100,000 hours on the light bulb is no help when the switch or whatever quits working.

 Bendable Light
By Bernadine from Edina, Minnesota
I love this light. When the light on my sewing machine burned out, I needed an alternative because my machine is too old to fix. This light proved to be a Godsend -- gives the right amount of light where I need it.

 Great product
By Margo from Key West, Florida
I got this light within 4 days of ordering it and have recommended it and your site to all my quilting friends. Your prompt shipping got the light to me in time for a class. I can sew many wonderful hours now without eye strain. The price was the best also - I am sure I have sold many for you!

 Bendable Light
By Mary Jane from Covington,, Pennsylvania
I am very pleased with my new light. It puts the light right on the pressure foot and needle of my sewing machine. Would recommend if you have trouble sewing on black. Great service.

 Bendable Bright LIght
By Susan from Perrin, Texas
This is the best accessory money can buy for the Brother Embroidery machine. It has no light and makes it impossible to do anything in the early mornings or after dark evenings. My hat is off to who ever invented this gem of a light, I love it. Its simple to attach, not in the way of anything, moves where ever you want it and the light is clear and bright. Great investment. Jackie from Perrin, Texas

 A Light for Sore Eyes!--Great Product
By Nancy
This compact little lamp puts a pool of bright light wherever you need it in the sewing area of your machine. It's easy to install and works very well. I've also used it to illuminate stitching that must be removed. Shipping was very fast, and had the best price.

 Great Christmas Present!!
By Melissa from Orleans, Indiana
I bought this light for my mom who is a quilter. She loves it. She's going to buy more brackets for her other machines so she can move it around. This is a great price and shipped very quickly. Only took 2 days to receive mine! Very happy with this purchase.

 Well worth the money
By Christine from Burlington, Massachusetts
I usually don't write product reviews, but his product is well worth my time to talk about. I have a dark sewing area. This light is perfect for me. shipped the product quickly. Their price was $15 less than at a shop I saw the light at for the first time. I would highly recommend both the light and

 Wow! The Bendable Bright Light
By Jennifer from Hattiesburg, Mississippi
It has an electric cord so no batteries. I mounted it on the side of my PR 600. Now I can see what is being stitched where as before there was no light. I purchased an extra bracket to use elsewhere. I compared prices with other companies and Sewforless was much cheaper and has super fast shipping.

 What a Great Invention!
By Leslie from Los Alamitos, California
What I love best about this light is you can purchase additional mounting brackets and use the same light on different machines. I only have one sewing table and switch out machines based on the project I'm sewing. My machines have the brackets already on them, I just re-attach the light to whichever machine I'm using. And because it's bendable, if I have to tear out stitches or do any pinning in a small area, I can just bend the light towards my project and get the extra light I need. It's great!

 Wondeful Bendable Light
By Mary Jane from Covington,, Pennsylvania
What a great light! I have trouble sewing on black and now this light puts light right where I need it and makes sewing so much more enjoyable. Very good service from Sewforless.

 Bendable Light
By Coleena from Sharpsville, Pennsylvania
I installed the bright light on my Baby Lock Ellegante. WOW, what a difference it makes in seeing the needle and my alignment marks.

 Nice Light
By Rosalyn from Elkhart, Kansas
Works wonders especially when your room doesn't have good lighting.

 Bendable LED light is great
By Cheryl from Columbus, Ohio
I've never bought anything that was everything is was advertised to be. This light not only gives me excellent light on my machine sewing, but also can be positioned to shine on any pinning or marking that I do beside the machine. After exploring many sites, it was also at the best price. I'm looking forward to the comments I get when I take my machine to a "sew-in" this coming weekend. Cheryl - Columbus, Ohio

 OMG I can see again
By Susan B from Upper Marlboro, Maryland
Old age eyes aren't any fun. This Bendable LED light makes unsewing feasible because I can actually see the stitches with this light. It is very bright and easy to direct where the light is needed most. Glad I purchased this item!

 Bendable Bright Light
By Sue
This is a mighty mouse of a light! It is particularly useful in just about any low light location, and is the perfect lighteing enhancement. I don't know how I lived without it! Sue - Manassas, VA

By LYNN from WAYNE, New Jersey
I ordered this light after taking my sewing machine to a class with very poor lighting. I was unable to thread my needle and couln't participate. The light is wonderful and solved the problem of seeing perfectly in any light. I'm thinking of ordering another for my serger.

 Awesome Light!
By Kay
I received this for Mother's Day and absolutely LOVE it! It's great to be able to see exactly where I'm stitching without having to bend my big ott light down in front of my machine. I highly recommend it for yourself or as a gift for someone special. Kay - Red Oak, TX

 Why did it take so long to invent this???
By Beth from Powell, Ohio
I LOVE this light and can only wonder why sewing machine companies haven't thought of it years ago and attached it to every sewing machine! Sewforless had the absolutely best price too :o) Beth

 Great lighting for ytour machine
By Deborah from Jamestown, New York
I loved this light so much I purchased a second one for my other machine. I gives such great light and is not in the way light my other protable light was. I highly recommend this light to any sewers or crafters.

 Awesome Bendable Light
By Carolyn E. from Cadyville, New York
I purchased this light along with two extra brackets so that I could move it to two other of my machines. I love it and would highly recommend it to anyone. It gives bright light just where you need it, is not in your way, and is wonderful. Carolyn from New York.

 a Great light for any machine
By Linda
This light is awesome, it makes it a lot easier to see everything you are doing on your machine!!! A must for everyone!

 Awesome tool!
By carol from SPRING HILL,
I saw this being used by someone demonstrating another product at a sewing expo and thought it would solve some of my issues with seeing what I was sewing. Best tool I have found. Really makes a difference and you can bend it around to see anything up close to the machine. Ordering one for my mother now. Highly recommend, especially for those of us suffering from middle age induced impaired vision.

 SO NOW I CAN SEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By c from new lenox, Illinois
What was I thinking?? Sewing without seeing! Seeing while I sew is a new and exciting experience since I got this great little gadget!! The Bright Light is well worth the great reduced price-- and I was hesitating for two weeks.(didn't want to spend the money) So glad I did! Sewing is sew much more enjoyable!!

 Don't Worry About the Cord!
By Martha from Germantown, Tennessee
The Bendable Bright Light is just great! I needed more light but I didn't think that I wanted to deal with an electric cord hanging down. I just thought it would be anoying. I decided to try it and much to my joy found out that it comes with little clips that stick to the back of the machine to keep the cord out of the way. Problem Solved!! Good purchase!!

 Super Product
By Darlene from Altenburg, Missouri
I needed more light on my embroidery machine. The bendable light is WONDERFUL!! No need for an extra lamp sitting beside the table anymore, this does the trick! Well worth the money!!

 Brenda from Texico, Illinois
By Brenda
I love this light to use on my sewing machine. I have been working at learning free motion quilting and the extra light is wonderful on the area. The service on my order was also 5 star in my book.

 It needs to be called the PERFECT Bendable Bright Light
By Linda from Spartanburg, South Carolina
My new Bernina 630 was just alittle deficient in it's lighting of the sewing field, so, I ordered myself a Bright light. My mother saw it, and liked it so well, she asked me to get one for her too! Only problem is, she immediately asked how to move the light from her sewing machine to her, naturally I gave her my extra I have to get another (2nd) mount for myself! I'm going to wait a few weeks though...I have a feeling that once my sister sees the light on my mother's machine...she'll want me to order HER one!...

By Shirley
It is a big help for old eyes.

 Janice Mumford
By Janice
Love the light..perfect for the sewing machine! But the great thing was it arrived within four days of my order -******!!

 Bendable Light
By Peggy from Sweet Home, Oregon
It's bright! Fits on my Pfaff perfectly. The bendable 'arm' is very user friendly.

 Bendable Light
By Peggy from Sweet Home, Oregon
It's bright! Fits on my Pfaff perfectly. The bendable 'arm' is very user friendly.

 Bendable light
By Bet from Jacksonville, North Carolina
I wish I had this long before now! Wonderful lighting, especially for those of who need more light as we get older. We all need one.

 By ES from Georgia
By Emmalee from Decatur, Georgia
Since I got this, I know of at least 4 others who have ordered it -- great price and great product... puts light exactly where I need it on my sewing machine foot and needle

 Bendable Light
By Cornelia from Lombard, Illinois
The best sewing investment I've ever made. It's amazing how much brighter my throat plate/needle area is - I didn't realize how dark it was (even using several nearby lamps) until I installed this wonderful lamp. Worth every penny - and it makes sewing & quilting easier to do.

 Great little light!
By Claudia from Greeley, Colorado
The light on my forty-year-old Golden Stitch and Sew bit the dust. I bought the Bendable Bright Light, and now I can see what I'm sewing! Sew for Less had the best price. I didn't pay extra for faster shipping, but the package arrived within a few days.

By Maggie from Rio Rancho, New Mexico
What Service! I placed my order for this light not half hour ago and was already notified that it has shipped. Truly record-breaking service. Can't wait to get my little light. Thanks@!

 My eyes don't get as tired with this fabulous light!
I just purchased my third lite - easy to move and yet compared to four yards of fabric well worth the convenience for each machine having one when using multiple machines in one day! I enjoy specific focus as toooo much bright light in the whole room tires my eyes when I am having so much fun. Best price available! Go Sewforless!!!

 by Karen, Columbus Ohio
By Karen from Reynoldsburg, Ohio
Wow! Not only was it delivered fast I have fallen in love with this little gadget. Where have you been all my life. Makes seeinbg what I sew so much easier- especially since my eyes are getting older. Plan to get more!

 By Maryann from PLYMOUTH, MA.
By Maryann from Plymouth, Massachusetts
I already purchased this and just love it. Works wonderful when sewing on dark fabrics. I ordered the second one for a dear friends birthday. Very quick shipping on this website.

 Let there be light!
By Lauren from Eddyville, Kentucky
I purchased this unique little light, 'cause I had seen it elsewhere, for much more money, that I really did not want to spend. When Sew for Less offered this little light, & for such a reasonable price, I ordered right away, & am not sorry, for it is as good, if not better then that expensive one I looked at. Lorrie in Ky.

 Great Product - Fabulous Price - Great Order Processing
By Lorraine
I saw this light at a sewing expo in Phoenix, AZ and no onehad one for sale. I quicckly checked online and could not believe how reasonablly priced it was here at SewForLess. When it arrived my best friends mom was celebrating her 82nd birthday and is an avid sewer and quilter so I gave it to her for her birthday. She loves it and couldn't believe how much light it gave her and it flexibility, so I quickly had to order one for me. I'm sure I will be gifting this item to many fello sewers and embroiders. Thank you SewForLess.

 By Vicki from Galion,Ohio
By Vicki from Galion, Ohio
I also heard about this light from my online yahoo quilt club. I don't know how I lived without it. I have a great sewing room with very good lighting,but this light makes so much difference.Your price and service are the best. I told a gal at work about this and she immediately oredered it also.Thank you so much SewForLess.

 By Peggy, Portsmouth, VA
By Peggy
Great light! I don't how I got along without it all of these years. Customer service was excellent. Thanks.

 Fabulous Addition...
By Lorraine
I don't know how I sewed without it. I bought on as a gift and was so impressed I bought one for me right away. Customer Service was the best and I will continue doing business with you forever!

 Bend Light
By Cheryl
I LOVE THIS LITTLE LIGHT!!! No more squinting.

By Julie
What a wonderful idea for sore eyes. I bought this as a gift to myself and found I get alot more mending done than before. Who knew all it would take was a little light to get things done!

 Bendable Light
By Diane L.
This little light is what I call the "Notion of the Year". It is great. Recommended it to a friend and have two. Ordered the attachment to move it to another machine because I have several surgers.

 Excellent item
By Rita
Very much worth the price.When snipping threads, threading serger, or threading needle, its a real must have! Love it. Rita from MD.

 Bendable Bright Light
By Ruth M from Grass Valley, California
I saw this at a quilting meeting and ordered mine, which I love. My quarter inch seams are more accurate and the light can be moved for handwork and removing stitches. I'm giving one to my daughter for her birthday.

 Eddye in Murphy TX
By Eddye from Murphy, Texas
I have been trying to sew and embroidery without adequate light. Even with an ott lamp, I could not get the right lighting until I bought this light. It is great for all sewing expecially on dark fabrics.

 Bendable Light
By Elaine
Perfect little light. I can finally see what I am sewing. Real help for over-used eyes!

 Loving the new light!
By Diane from Fort Smith, Arkansas
This light is like night and day! You will love it. I bought it for my sewing machine. It has helped me see tremendously!

 LOVE this light!
By Judy from Rochester, Minnesota
I ordered one for me and am ordering another for my mom who is 87 and still sews every day. She is going to be thrilled because seeing is one of her biggest issues. Price is reasonable so may have to get one for my second machine!

 OK...just bought my THIRD light!
By Judy from Rochester, Minnesota
These lights are awesome. I can't believe I once sewed without one. Just bought another for my 2nd machine. LOVE IT! And, 100000 of light hours, how can you go wrong?

 Bendable Bright Light
By Ruth M from Grass Valley, California
I can finally sew on black with this spotlight without eye strain, but it also is an eye-saver for all sewing. Great help when I have to rip out a mistake.

 Be sure it shines down the middle!
By Ellen
This light is fabulous, but be sure to mount it so it shines straight toward the needle along your line of of sight or you will get a terrible strobing effect from the shadow of the shank, foot, and needle. Almost too bright when sewing white projects 😬

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