Need to convert a thread number?

It sure would be nice if all thread manufacturers used the same numbers, wouldn't it?  But alas, we all know that they don't.  So what is an embroiderer to do?  Look for a conversion, that's what!  We will be putting together some helpful thread conversion resources, if you have more - hit us up on the live chat (you know - that little button on the left that says "Live Chat")


My Thread Box Embroidery Thread Matching Software

My Thread Box gives you the unique ability to color match most major embroidery thread palettes to alternate colors - this gives you the freedom to choose what thread you wish to use to sew out a design.

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Robison-Anton Thread Conversion Site
Convert TO Robison-Anton Threads:
If you use Robison-Anton and need to convert TO their threads (i.e. you need to go FROM Madeira TO Robison-Anton) you will find this site very helpful!

Convert Isacord Embroidery Threads:
Here are a couple of handy Isacord thread references.  We thought that you might like these:

Isacord Color Description Chart

Isacord to Sulky, Madeira & Mettler Conversion Chart

Isacord Thread Conversion Chart

Isacord RGB Color Chart

YLI Variations/Isacord Conversion Chart

ARC Polyester to Isacord Polyester Thread

Coats Sylko to Isacord Polyester

Gunold Sulky to Isacord Polyester

Gunold Polyester to Isacord Polyester

Madeira Polyneon to Isacord Polyester

Pantone to Isacord Polyester

Rapos to Isacord Polyester

Robison Anton Polyester to Isacord Polyester

Robison Anton Rayon to Isacord Polyester

Madeira Rayon to Isacord Polyester

Glide Conversion Resourse