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Magna-Hoop PRO for SWF Small 180 Round
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Magna-Hoop PRO for SWF Small 180 Round

Item # CMH00015
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Magna-Hoop PRO for SWF Small 180 Round
$ 149.99 New Out of stock
Features & Specifications

These hooping systems have been customized to fit SWF embroidery machines. † Magna-Hoop Pro packages comes complete with five sturdy Lucite embroidery windows and eight magnets to secure your embroidery.

Contents Include:
One metal base plate with tabs
Five acrylic frames*
*Measurements are opening size not sewing field size. Please allow clearance for the presser foot. See enclosed templates for actual opening sizes.
Round: 3.5" (89mm)
Round: 5" (130mm)
Square: 2" (51mm)
Large Rectangle: 2.5" x 4" (64mm x 102mm)
Narrow Rectangle (2 openings): 1.25" x 4" (32mm x 102mm)
Four 6mm, silver magnets
Four 4mm, bronze magnets
Twenty adhesive gripping strips
Target stickers
Instructional Video
Printable Instructions & templates

Q: I have been told not to get magnets near my computer or computer disks. Isnít my embroidery machine a computer? Wonít magnets damage it?

A: Extensive research has shown that the position of the magnets on the frame while embroidering does not cause any damage to computerized embroidery machines. This has been thoroughly tested with no adverse effects. The metal frame absorbs the electromagnetic pull which, while strong enough for hooping, is not strong enough to go through this field. Most home embroidery machines do not have magnetic fields in the actual embroidery module itself.

Please Note: Magnets can damage magnetic computer data, therefore, use caution. Do not put them in direct contact with diskettes, and memory sticks. Some design cards are susceptible as well. To be on the safe side, watch where you put your magnets! The manufacturer of the Magna-Hoop does not take responsibility for damaged diskettes, memory sticks, design cards or other media that is damaged due to user error.

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