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Stitcher's Hardware Tool Kit - With A Feminine Twist!

Stitcher's Hardware Tool Kit - With A Feminine Twist!

Item # STH1001

Stitcher's Hardware Tool Kit - With A Feminine Twist!
$ 29.99 New Out of stock
Features & Specifications

Stitcher’s Hardware with a feminine twist

Now you can get into those hard to reach places that standard screwdrivers are too tall and awkward to maneuver at your machine. Plus each tool fits snugly in the attractive zippered case for easy storage and travel.

Designs in Machine Embroidery has slimmed down the basic screwdriver to its bare essential - the blade (flat head, extended flat tip and Phillips) and topped it off with an easy to maneuver wheel - just insert the blade into the screw and twist the dial to remove the screw.

The straight inset screwdriver fits snugly over screws and has a great bulb-shaped handle that's a cinch to keep hold of.

The Stitcher's Hardware Kit includes:

  • A screwdriver with a bulb-shaped handle and tubular guide for removing and inserting the needle screw or presser foot screw.
  • A flat head screwdriver that easily removes flush mount screws—often found on the needle plate.
  • An extended flat tip screwdriver that easily removes countersunk screws—found on some needle plates.
  • A Phillips-head screwdriver designed to maneuver hard to reach areas.

You’ll be amazed at all the additional uses you'll find around the house for these handy tools!

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Customer Reviews
 Stitchers Hardware
By Eugenia M from Arden Hills, Minnesota
Have already put this item to use!!!! Just for cleaning up the bobbin area.... Great.... So bought the Birds Nest tool - this is for JUST IN CASE I will be needing it- then be ready to be able to handle the problam in ease

 stitchers hardware
By Mona from Etowah, Tennessee
Really makes it easy to remove and clean areas of my machine. I highly recommend!

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