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Foldable Market Tote Embroidery Blanks - BLACK

Foldable Market Tote Embroidery Blanks - BLACK


Foldable Market Tote Embroidery Blanks - BLACK
$ 24.99 New Out of stock
Features & Specifications

You are going to love our new Market Totes!  These are a great size - 18" x 11.5" x 9" - so you can fit more in each one.  These are AWESOME for embroidery and monogramming - the bag is removable for easy personalization!  Frame is collapsible for easy storage.  These will fly out of your business - a must have!  

What makes these different from other cheaper market totes?  Several things. 

If you look closely at many of the single handle market totes, you will notice large seams that run down the middle of the side.  Not only is this thicker for the needle to go through, it also takes away from the embroidery effect.  Our totes offer seamless centers for beautiful embroidery. 

Check out the storage area of the tote.  Is the frame reinforced on the bottom?  If not, all of the weight from the items in the tote is put on the velcro tabs holding it to the frame.  Who wants to clean up a dozen eggs or some broken wine bottles?  Not us, that's for sure.  And we knew you don't want to either - that's why our totes feature two folding reinforced legs that swing down and transfer the weight to the actual frame - not to the velcro tabs.  It makes a difference!

Please note:  Bags do not come embroidered.

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Customer Reviews
 Mini Foldable Market Tote
By Kathy
I want to order the one with the flowers on it like the one they have at the top of the page with the video on it, how much is it & what is the item number so I can order that one?

 Mini Foldable Msrket Tote - How do I order the one in red?
By Evelyn from Tallahassee, Florida
I also want to order the one that has a reddish flower print, shown at the top of the page. Is this in stock, and how do I order it? Thanks.

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